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jon & kathy at lowell

photo credit Mike Coughlin

Please listen to The Dixie Bee Line on WUMB! 

Jon has been hosting since January 2013, and spinning GREAT TUNES every Saturday Night from 9PM - Midnite (Eastern time).  Hillbilly music since the dawn of recorded music.

In greater Massachusetts, please tune into 91.9fm, or listen on-line at www.wumb.org.

Some cool mp3's...

Here's Kathy doing a song written by Hank Williams

Wedding Bells

Here's Kathy singing the Tennessee Blues

Tennessee Blues

Essential repertoire... Sweet Marie, fiddle'n'banjo... 3/29/09

Sweet Marie

Kathy & Mark on vocals, Jon on Steel... fabulous song...

How's The World Treating You?

Come see Planet Banjo &/or the Dixie Butterhounds as we open at the Cantab for the "Second Tuesdays" of 2016.  Yes, we're taking a break this summer!  But we'll be back in October!  The Cantab Lounge is on Mass. Ave, right in Central Square, Cambridge, MA (our fair city) and starts around 8PM.  Brought to you by Geoff Bartley, guitarist of some reknown!

Here's a clip from the last April show.

Tell Her to Come Back Home(mp3, only 747KB)

The Doc Watson version of Shady Grove that changed my life back in 1971.


Visit our friends Woody & Beth's Old-Timey website, they're the Bradford Bog People!

Check out my friend Will Fielding's most beautiful banjo, the "North Star".

He's the one who made my "Rooster" banjo.  They are both incredible banjos... this is an unpaid endorsement!  Warning, this is a 1.9Mb PDF file.

Yet More Interesting MP3's

Planet Banjo's public Steel Guitar debut! Live from the Cantab Lounge, in August 2006! One I learned from Dave Giegerich at Ashokan... very cool dude...

Steelin' Home

One of our favorite John Prine songs...

In Spite of Ourselves

Hard Ass Country... Mark and Karen sing (Jon on steel)....

The Streets of Baltimore

Karen sings lead on this one, Kathy and Mark do Harmony, Jon (steel)...

Jealous Heart

George sings and plays slide guitar, Jon on Steel...

Truck Drivin' Man

Mark & George on fiddle, Jon on Banjo, Kathy on Guitar...  Mark sings...


George leads, Jon Banjo, Karen Harmony, and Kathy guitar on...

Goin' Across the Sea

If you want to hear Planet Banjo's VIRGIN recording... warts and all...  Kathy sings & plays guitar, this is Jon's steel debut... a mite shaky... but purty...

Pass Me By

From April 2006 Live at the Cantab...

Pretty Little Shoes

From January, 2005 Kathy & Jon fiddle and banjo...

Valley Forge

Rabbit in a log

Avalon Quickstep

Big Hoedown

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Jon's Family Pictures... From Nanny's old treasure box of pictures...

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New & Improved for Ashokan Western & Swing Week 2016... The Hard Ass Country Songbook

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